The Nose Diaries

A behind-the-scenes literary dive into the creation of perfumes and the stories of scents.

François Coty: the father of modern Perfumery (Part 2)

Back in Paris and installed in his new boutique, François began work on creating his first perfume which would be named La Rose Jacqueminot (1904). At first Coty struggled to get his new perfumes distributed, but his difficulties didn’t last long. ... Read more

François Coty: the father of modern Perfumery. (Part 1)

What is the link between the pharmacy and perfumery, between Eau de Cologne and L’Origan, between perfume considered a luxury and perfume considered a consumer product? The answer is Joseph Marie François Spoturno, known as François Coty. ... Read more

The incredible story of Chanel No. 5

“Only those with no memory insist on their originality” declared Coco Chanel one day. The incredible story of Chanel No. 5, the mythical fragrance, an inspiration to generations of women, provides the perfect illustration to this. It’s creation, as mysterious as its fragrance, is fascinating. Whilst it must be admitted that without Chanel’s name, the fragrance would never have become the emblem that it is today. Yet, Coco Chanel, contrary to what she would have had us believe, played but a minor part in this process.
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